What Should You Do In A Dental Emergency?

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Your mouth is used every day, and just like any other part of your body, it can be exposed to trauma or injury. While you may know to call 911 or go to urgent care when you have a medical emergency, do you know what to do during a dental emergency? Here’s some helpful tips to ensure your smile is restored quickly. 

Don’t Ignore It 

First and foremost, don’t neglect a dental-related concern. Your teeth are an integral part of your oral health and body health. Leaving a dental emergency untreated could lead to more serious complications. If you aren’t sure whether your dental concern warrants emergency care, always contact your dentist to ask.

Don’t Rush to the ER

When it comes to problems with your teeth, the ER is not always the best place to go, as they may not be equipped to restore the health and aesthetics of your teeth like a dentist could. However, there are situations in which your dental emergency is compromising your overall health and safety. If you experience the following, a trip to the ER is required: 

  • Uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth
  • Dizziness or loss of consciousness
  • Broken jaw
  • Painful swelling in the mouth or face 

Call Your Emergency Dentist 

At Moores Chapel Dentistry, we are fully equipped to treat common dental emergencies, especially those caused by blunt trauma or injury. Our office can help children and adults with the following:

  • A knocked-out or displaced tooth
  • A broken tooth
  • Tooth pain (without facial swelling) 

Do What You Can At Home

Before you head to the dental office, there are some things you can do at home to increase your chances for successful treatment, especially when it comes to saving a tooth that was knocked out.  Your dentist may be able to re-implant an avulsed tooth. However, you’ll need to take extra care of your tooth while transporting it to the dentist. Gently rinse it off with water. If you are not able to put it back in the socket and hold it there, it is best to store the tooth in milk, water or the person’s salvia to prevent it from drying out. Try not to handle the tooth by the root. You’ll need to get to the dentist as soon as possible if you have a knocked out tooth. A chipped or cracked tooth also needs attention promptly. However, dental treatment is less urgent in these cases unless it is causing significant pain. 

It can be difficult to know what to do in a dental emergency. Dental emergencies are often a high source of anxiety and stress for patients, especially when it involves a child. Rest assured that our emergency care services at Moores Chapel Dentistry are carried out with your comfort in mind. We have a menu of pain management techniques and a staff that is compassionate and knowledgeable when it comes to treating urgent dental matters.


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