The Healthy Benefits of Straight Teeth

Charlotte NC Dentist When considering straight, well-aligned teeth, most people refer to their desirable appearance. The truth is, however, a straight smile delivers far more than aesthetic gains. Straight teeth are also better for your oral health, and here’s why.

Easier to Keep Clean

When the teeth are overly crowded or crooked, it can be difficult or nearly impossible to get all your teeth surfaces clean. Not only are your tooth bristles unable to reach these tiny spaces, but your dental floss may also fail at the job. If your teeth and gums don’t get cleaned properly, you are subject to a host of oral health problems, ranging from bad breath and discoloration to tooth decay and gum disease.

More Functional

Whether you have large gaps in between your teeth or teeth that are much longer than others, orthodontic concerns can pose threats to the way your teeth function. This can result in poor chewing habits or even speech problems. A straight smile, therefore, is a more functional smile.

Less Jaw Strain

In many cases of misalignment, especially when it involves anterior teeth, the bite is affected. When the jaw cannot open and close without excessive strain, patients can become susceptible to TMJ issues or painful jaw syndromes. When the teeth are aligned and properly fit together, the jaw can function more comfortably.

Lower Risk of Tooth Damage

Crowded and crooked teeth can also put unnatural forces on the surrounding teeth. Over time, these teeth can weaken or even become loose. In the same way, if you have a misaligned bite, you may be putting more chewing pressure on teeth that are not equipped to handle it.

At Moores Chapel Dentistry, we help patients realize all of the benefits of a straight smile. While adults may resort to living with the appearance of their crooked or gapped teeth, it is important to know the dental health consequences they may face. Our office proudly offers a full menu of adult braces, including short-term orthodontics and clear braces. With today’s modern dentistry options, there’s really no excuse not to straighten your teeth!

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