Charlotte Chinese Dentist

The Chinese community in the Charlotte, North Carolina has little opportunity to seek out a Chinese dentist who understands their culture and dental concerns. Meet Dr. Chun Peng, a Chinese dentist who does just that. Dr. Peng is unique among Charlotte dentists in that he is part of the Chinese community and provides dental care to the community in a way that is honoring to the culture.

All people are welcome at Moores Chapel Dentistry where comfort care dentistry is provided. All of our patients have a relaxed, enjoyable experience here. We understand how anxious you can start to feel when you have to make a visit to the dentist. We do all we can to take away your fears and worries by providing you all the information you need and creating a relaxing environment in which dental procedures are performed.

Our Chinese patients feel comfortable here because there are no barriers in communication or understanding. Dr. Peng is in tune with the dental cares and concerns of his patients and addresses them in a caring and honorable manner.

Dentist Who Speaks Chinese

When English is not your native language it can be difficult to convey your concerns about your oral health to a dentist who does not speak your language. Dr. Peng speaks fluent Chinese and is able to understand all your concerns as you share them with him. At Moores Chapel Dentistry, Chinese speaking individuals can communicate easily and have all their dental needs met in a warm and inviting atmosphere with a dentist who fully understands them.

Family Dental Care from a Chinese Dentist

All of your family members are welcome at Moores Chapel Dentistry. From the smallest child with that first tooth, to your respected elderly, the staff here will help everyone feel comfortable and relaxed for the dental visit. Dr. Peng is a caring and compassionate dentist who provides you with excellent dental care and speaks Chinese. Communication is not a problem with Dr. Peng.

If you speak Chinese or know someone who does and would like a dentist who understands the culture and speaks the language, contact Moores Chapel Dentistry today. You will feel right at home here.

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