Composite Fillings

Cavities in your front teeth are very unsightly and they ruin your smile. Composite fillings can restore your smile once again. The discoloration of decay is thoroughly cleaned away and a tooth colored filling material is placed in the spot. Once it is hardened, it is smoothed and polished. Now it looks and feels just like your natural tooth. Composite fillings are a cosmetic dental treatment that have been used for decades because of their aesthetic appeal. Through the years the formulas have been improved making composites stronger and more durable than ever. Your composite fillings will go unnoticed by most people because they look just like your natural tooth, right down to the glisten. Not only do they look good, they also feel good in your mouth because they are just as smooth as your natural tooth. There are no rough edges where the composite material meets your tooth.

Amalgam is still used in many posterior teeth because of its endurance over many years and its ability to withstand the tremendous pressures of chewing. However, composites are often used even in posterior teeth when it has been determined that the tooth will not be compromised with its use. When the filling is small and will not be subjected to the friction and pressures exerted while chewing, composite may be used.

What is a Composite Resin?

The materials that make up composite resins are plastic and glass or ceramic. Dental offices use various types of composite resins. Special lights may be used to harden some composite materials. These are light activated resins where the light causes a reaction in the resin which hardens it. When such a filling is placed in a large space it needs to be hardened in layers. This makes the filling strong and durable. Once the composite has been completely hardened, all excess resin is removed from the tooth. After that the filling is smoothed down and polished with a special instrument. The end product is a tooth restored to its natural look and feel.

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