Cracked Tooth Repair

The outer part of your tooth, the enamel, is the hardest part of your body, including your bones. It endures tons of pressure as you chew your food. It is intended to last a lifetime. Under optimal circumstances, teeth do last a lifetime. However, there are instances when the enamel of a tooth can chip, break or crack. Among the most common circumstances that cause damage to teeth are constant clenching of the jaw, chewing on hard objects, aging and weakening of the enamel. Trauma to a tooth through falling, or impact can also cause a tooth to chip, crack or break.

Damage to your tooth may be readily apparent or in some instances, you may not notice anything at all until symptoms arise. These may include discomfort or sensitivity to pressure when biting down; when biting pressure is released; pain due to temperature changes from hot or cold foods and beverages. Discomfort is not always constant or severe. It can be sporadic or only happen when pressure is released from the tooth. Some people may not experience any discomfort at all until the nerve center of the tooth – the pulp is involved.

It is important to have a damaged tooth repaired right away with general dentistry. The health of the tooth and surrounding tissues are at risk when a tooth is damaged. The type and extent of damage determines whether the tooth can be saved. In many cases this is not an issue. A filling or crown may be all that is needed. If a tooth is cracked vertically from the crown to the root and the crack extends below the gum line, or if the tooth is split, it will most likely need to be removed. In the case where removal is necessary, there are options to replace the tooth.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Depending on the extent of the damage and type of injury the tooth has sustained, there are a number of ways to repair it. Bonding materials are used to reattach broken enamel if possible. Otherwise tooth colored filling material can be used in some circumstances. Placing a crown on the tooth for protection is another option for repair. Contact Moores Chapel Dentistry to schedule an appointment for you or a member of your family. Our dentist will assess the damage and make a recommendation regarding the best procedure for your circumstances. Remember, early detection and repair is critical if the tooth can be saved.

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