Dental Implants

One of the restorative dental treatments to missing teeth is the dental implant. When a tooth is lost, the resulting space can set in motion a slow but sure change in the neighboring structures. Teeth on either side of the missing tooth begin to move out of position. They can create food traps which can be difficult to keep clean. The food traps allow accumulations of plaque which may harden and turn to tartar. Gum issues may develop as the tartar increases. Meanwhile the tooth above or below the missing tooth begins to shift down or up into the empty space since it has nothing to occlude with. Depending on which tooth is missing, your smile may be affected – causing you to feel that you are less appealing.

There are a few ways to solve the problem of missing teeth. You could get a partial denture. Another option is bridgework, depending on the stability of neighboring teeth. A third option is the dental implant. If you are a candidate for dental implants it is a great alternative. Implants look just like normal teeth and they prevent the problems that arise from missing teeth. They also keep the bone and soft tissue in the vacant area from shrinking.

Complete Implant Dentistry

Moores Chapel Dentistry provides you with full dental implant treatment options. We can put in a single implant if that is what is needed and we can stabilize a full denture if that is required. Whatever your implant needs, Dr. Chun Peng is able to meet them.

Implants are ideal for people who are always in the public eye or do a lot of public speaking. Stabilized dentures are a great asset for public speakers. A denture stabilized with implants will not shift or move while you are presenting. You will also be able to eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about your dentures becoming unseated.

Candidates for dental implants have excellent oral hygiene and bone and gum tissue that can support an implant. The success rate is very high for this procedure when the implant is taken care of properly with excellent oral hygiene. If you are considering dental implants, contact Moores Chapel Dentistry today to set up a consultation appointment.

How are dental implants placed?

An incision is made in the gums, and a small hole is carefully drilled into the jawbone. Then, the titanium implant is placed in the jaw. Over the next several weeks, the gums will heal, and the implant will fuse with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration. This creates a very stable base for the artificial tooth to attach to, and why dental implants feel so similar to natural teeth. Once your custom crown has been created, and your implant is ready, your permanent artificial tooth will be placed and the process will be complete!

Is it painful to get a dental implant?

Dental implant procedures are not painful because a local anesthetic is always used to completely numb the teeth and gums before the treatment begins. During the healing process, you will likely feel some pain, discomfort, or soreness, so we recommend taking over-the-counter pain medication, or we can prescribe medication for you. Our office also offers dental sedation, which can help to make your implant appointments feel far more relaxed and comfortable. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask our team.

Are dental implants affordable?

Dental implants are a bigger financial investment than other restorations like dental bridges, but this is due in part to how durable and long-lasting they are. Whereas dental bridges typically have to be replaced in 5 to 15 years, dental implants rarely have to be replaced completely. Should your implant need to be modified or restored in any way, our office would be happy to assist. We accept dental insurance and offer flexible financing options for patients who want to restore their smile. To learn more, please contact our office or visit our financial page.

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I've always been scared of the dentist I'm talking bad nerves and all but Dr Chun Peng and his staff took amazing care of me I had to get a tooth pulled usually I would get put to sleep but he numbed me up and I can honestly tell u I didn't feel a thing was a little sore and swollen yesterday today all my swelling is gone and I'm not that sore he's truly amazing and I'll definitely be going back to see him and his staff

Whitney B.

Very nice experience...they make you feel right at home like your family. Didn't have a long wait time. Excellent service...Dr. Chun and his assistants were every, kind and caring. They explain to you everything that they're doing befor and during the procedures. I would recommend any of my friends and family to go to Moores Chapel Dentistry.

Tijuana H.

Dr. Peng and his staff are all very friendly snd knowledgable. If you don't have a great smile when you get there, you will have one by the time you leave. Thanks, guys!!

Kim L.

Moores Chapel Dentistry is amazing! The facility itself is exceptionally clean, the staff is very open and friendly (Katey was the nicest assistant that's ever worked with me!) If you are worried about going to a Dentists office, you won't be anymore after you visit here!

Ronnie A.

They are the kindest people and do whatever it takes to make you comfortable. Always willing to explain what's about to happen in order to calm your nerves.

Emily J.


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