Treatment for Gum Disease

It is a known fact that your teeth can look great while at the same time your gums may be in bad shape. As part of our general dental care at Moores Chapel Dentistry, our hygienists will examine your teeth to find out if you have gum disease. It is important to get it treated in the early stages. If gum disease is allowed to go untreated it can cause a multitude of problems leading to the loss of your teeth. In its very early stages it can be managed by professional cleaning. The hygienist cleans your teeth thoroughly, removing the plaque and tartar accumulation that hardens on your teeth. Some people are very susceptible to this buildup and your hygienist may recommend that your teeth be cleaned professionally more than twice a year.

When you have deposits of tartar or calculus (hardened plaque) below the gum line, the hygienist will need to do what is called scaling and root planing. This procedure is a non-surgical, deep-cleaning of your teeth. An anesthetic will be administered and the plaque and tartar will be scraped off from above and below the gum line. This is scaling. Root planing is when the rough spots caused by the accumulation of tartar are smoothed out so that the gums can reattach to the teeth.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

Perhaps you have heard it said that the human bite is more likely to cause infection than that of an animal. This is because the human mouth is a hotbed of bacteria. Food debris, mucus and bacteria work together, constantly forming plaque on the teeth. This sticky, colorless substance is removed by proper brushing and flossing for the most part. When the plaque is not removed it begins to harden and forms the substance called tartar. Brushing alone cannot remove tartar. The only way to get this hardened substance off your teeth is by a professional cleaning.

When the tartar is not removed, inflammation causes the gums to swell. Bacteria affect the gums and they turn red and sometimes bleed easily. When the gums become inflamed like this, it is called gingivitis. Proper oral hygiene including a professional cleaning can turn this around. Gingivitis needs to be corrected quickly in order to prevent further damage to the soft tissues and bone. Left unchecked, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis. If you show any signs of possible gum disease, contact Moores Chapel Dentistry today to schedule an appoinment.

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I've always been scared of the dentist I'm talking bad nerves and all but Dr Chun Peng and his staff took amazing care of me I had to get a tooth pulled usually I would get put to sleep but he numbed me up and I can honestly tell u I didn't feel a thing was a little sore and swollen yesterday today all my swelling is gone and I'm not that sore he's truly amazing and I'll definitely be going back to see him and his staff

Whitney B.

Very nice experience...they make you feel right at home like your family. Didn't have a long wait time. Excellent service...Dr. Chun and his assistants were every, kind and caring. They explain to you everything that they're doing befor and during the procedures. I would recommend any of my friends and family to go to Moores Chapel Dentistry.

Tijuana H.

Dr. Peng and his staff are all very friendly snd knowledgable. If you don't have a great smile when you get there, you will have one by the time you leave. Thanks, guys!!

Kim L.

Moores Chapel Dentistry is amazing! The facility itself is exceptionally clean, the staff is very open and friendly (Katey was the nicest assistant that's ever worked with me!) If you are worried about going to a Dentists office, you won't be anymore after you visit here!

Ronnie A.

They are the kindest people and do whatever it takes to make you comfortable. Always willing to explain what's about to happen in order to calm your nerves.

Emily J.


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