It is true that straight teeth can make for a beautiful smile. However, misaligned teeth can cause a host of problems in addition to affecting your appearance. Other important dental issues caused by misalignment can be corrected with orthodontic treatment, providing you with optimum oral health.

When your upper and lower teeth do not meet properly, your bite is off. This condition can lead to the frequent biting of your cheeks and tongue while chewing. It can also cause lisping and mouth breathing. Mouth breathing prevents the production of sufficient saliva which is necessary to prevent excessive bacteria buildup. Crooked teeth can also be a source of food traps, where food debris gets stuck in hard to clean areas, leading to plaque buildup and creating a ripe environment for dental decay.

Teeth can get out of alignment for several reasons. Thumb sucking and staying on the bottle are common causes. Missing teeth can cause malocclusion and too many teeth for smaller jawbones can cause it also. Some causes such as a cleft lip or palate may require surgery in addition to orthodontics. Tumors in the mouth, abnormally shaped teeth and impacted teeth are also sources of misalignment.

Orthodontic treatment and other dental procedures from Moores Chapel Dentistry can get your teeth back into alignment, straighten your smile and provide you with the proper occlusion so that you can enjoy eating.

Orthodontic Options

Great strides have been made in orthodontic treatment over the past several years. Patients considering orthodontic work now have more options for how to go about getting their teeth straightened.

Depending on your particular situation you may be able to have your teeth straightened in just a matter of months. When you come to Moores Chapel Dentistry, Dr. Chun Peng will examine your teeth and make a recommendation regarding the best orthodontic treatment for your particular situation. Some circumstances may call for more extensive treatment than others. Dr. Peng will present your options so that you can make a well informed decision about having your teeth straightened. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for you or a family member.

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