Restorative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is the ideal for every dental practice. Realistically, though, no matter how diligent dentists and their patients may be in working to prevent dental issues, problems arise on a regular basis. Some are avoidable and some are not. Restorative dentistry is the branch of dentistry that restores that which has been lost. When your smile has been compromised due to missing teeth or tooth decay, we can help get it back to beautiful again.

Your smile reflects your overall oral health. Clean healthy teeth and gums reveal a smile you can be proud of. When your smile has "windows" caused by missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious. If that is your situation, the staff at Moores Chapel Dentistry is ready to welcome you and provide you with a comfortable environment in which your smile will be restored. We offer all the dental services you need to achieve a beautiful smile, including:

Complete Dental Restorations

Missing teeth cause a multitude of problems beyond the obvious issue of affecting your appearance. Not having the surface area you need to properly chew your food, impacts your health through missed nutrition. Food cannot be sufficiently broken down before swallowing when teeth are missing. Large gaps between teeth cause your other teeth to move out of alignment, setting in motion a new set of problems.

All of the ills that are associated with missing teeth can be alleviated through restorative dentistry. Dentures, dental implants and implant restorations are all methods used to replace missing teeth. They enhance your smile and give you the pleasure of enjoying all your favorite foods once again. You will look younger, feel more confident and your overall health will be improved as you begin to eat healthier, more nutritious foods. Dr. Chun Peng will work with you to find the best solution for your situation and your budget so that you can have an appealing smile. Contact Moores Chapel Dentistry today to schedule a consultation to see if restorative is right for you.

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