Sedation Dentistry

Some people become over anxious when faced with the prospect of a dental procedure. This is a common occurrence and not unexpected. At Moores Chapel Dentistry, we understand that certain individuals are prone to anxiety attacks and their discomfort with the dentist goes well beyond the norm. For such people we are equipped to help you calm down and relax so that you can get through your dental visit with serenity and peace. We will explain your options so that you will have no need to fear dental treatment.

High anxiety levels can be diminished through sedation. You will feel completely relaxed and comfortable while dental procedures are being carried out. For your convenience and wellbeing we will do as much work as is realistic and when it is completed you will feel great after you regain your alertness.

Relax while at the Dentist!

The atmosphere at Moores Chapel Dentistry is soothing and laid back for our patients' comfort. We understand that some patients have deep seated anxieties when it comes to thinking about the dentist. We practice comfort care dentistry here, so we are invested in providing each patron with whatever is needed to ensure that the visit here will be enjoyable and non-threatening. We have TVs in each operatory and other amenities to add to your comfort.

When that is not enough, we also have methods of sedation to help you relax. It is important that we review your health history before administering any type of sedation. We look at all the medications and dietary supplements you are currently using. We also need to know to what extent you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. A complete picture of your health history is needed before you can undergo sedation. Dr. Peng must make a determination on whether or not you are a candidate for sedation. If you are, he will explain all the necessary steps involved in the procedure.

Your health and safety are paramount at Moores Chapel Dentistry. We want to ensure that you have a good dental experience. Contact us today to see if sedation is right for you.

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